Fluvanna County VA Farms for Sale

Fluvanna County Virginia Farms for Sale
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Fluvanna County Virginia Farms for Sale

Fluvanna County is located east of Charlottesville and west of Richmond, Virginia. Hills rolling from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distant west are a characteristic of many of the farms in Fluvanna. In 2012, the Census of Agriculture reported there were 303 farms in the county totaling about 47,000 acres, with an average farm size of 155 acres. Crop sales represented the majority of products sold at 63% while livestock sales accounted for 37%. Like much of Virginia, chief crops were hay, soybeans, corn, and wheat. Cattle represented the majority of livestock. Still, a large amount of woodland remains in Fluvanna County at 39.1% of land use in farms, while cropland was at 29%, pastureland at 26.4%, and other uses representing 5.5%.

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Facts about Fluvanna County VA Farms

  • Farmland accounts for 47,000+/- acres in Fluvanna County, 25% of the county
  • Crops represent the largest share of agricultural products sold
  • Total farm revenue for the county in 2012 was $4,722,000
  • Fluvanna County ranks 48th in Virginia‚Äôs production of Christmas trees, corn, and wheat

The inventory of farms for sale in Fluvanna County is updated hourly and consists of many farm details which can be found by clicking on the photo.

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